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    It takes a lot to make a school great - it comes with hard work and a relentless determination to strive for excellence in academics, activities and a strong sense of community.

    All good schools will offer educational and recreational facilities and opportunities for students to excel, discover their interests, and ignite a passion for learning. Truly great schools will do all that and much more - creating those unique extra touches that give students the best possible educational experience as well as lifelong happy memories of their time at school. 

    Time to explore #uniquelyISB number 7 - ISB is Proudly Fully Inclusive

    The whole family is included at International School Bangkok (ISB). The Life Centered Education (LCE) program provides state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated specialist teachers and therapists who offer avenues to mainstream education wherever possible.

    At ISB, we firmly believe that being an inclusive school allows all of our community members to experience a range of diversity that is reflective of the global population. It makes us stronger as a result. Even more importantly, it allows whole families to stay together in one school, with truly personalized education programs available for all students. As an inclusive school, ISB is committed to embracing neurodiversity and successfully serving a number of students representing a full range of learning differences; mild, moderate, intensive, and the exceptionally able.

    A Truly Life Centered Education 

    The Life Centered Education program at ISB is unlike any other program in Bangkok. It offers children who have a diagnosed developmental or intellectual disability (e.g. Global Developmental Delay, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, etc.) the opportunity to learn with a specialized team of experienced professionals within the vibrant international school setting of ISB. Students receive a highly individualized curriculum focusing on functional academics, social-emotional skills, sensory integration, and life skills. It is a leading model of inclusion, which serves each learner in the best way possible for their individual needs.

    Our approach differs from other programs on offer in Bangkok. LCE goes beyond the typical international school learning support tier system to provide all-encompassing and well-resourced support for students. From our purpose-built classrooms to our specialized staff we offer a truly unique life centered education. Students are placed in homerooms and receive varying levels of services from the LCE program, with the amount of time spent in the homeroom class with peers varying from student to student based on their individual learning profiles. Students have access to highly trained specialist teachers, a speech-language pathologist, Occupational Therapist, and Instructional Assistants. 

    Fully Equipped

    Our LCE classrooms are large, flexible, and fully accessible working spaces. We have a fully equipped Occupational Therapy and Sensory space, with a kitchen and private bathroom designed for wheelchair access. Of course, classrooms are fully stocked with materials for a range of functional activities, life skills, sensory imagination, and independent and small group work. 

    Each student’s Individualized Education Plans are carefully crafted around their individual needs to ensure the best mix of individualized instruction in functional academics, social-emotional skills, language development, occupational therapy, life skills, and integration into learning opportunities with typically developing peers.

    ISB welcomes applicants for 2023 and beyond. Please visit our website or you can send an inquiry directly to our admissions team by clicking here.

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