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    Tokai Family 2 “As a nomadic family moving constantly from one country to another, it hasn’t been easy to maintain our mother tongue,” said Ms. Emi Tokai, a mother of one International School Bangkok (ISB) student. 

    This sentiment is something that rang through Ms. Tokai’s head as the family was relocated to Bangkok for her husband’s work. The move also had her looking for a new school for her 14-year-old child. 

    Though well-versed in international education with her child attending both Wroclaw International School in Poland and Pathways School Gurgaon in India before the most recent relocation, her want for her child to maintain his Japanese still burned within her. 

    Once her child started at ISB, her fear was quickly laid to rest.

    “Thanks to ISB’s impressive language program and Ms. Nakamachi, she made Japanese very interesting for our son. He has excelled in Japanese and wants to continue studying his mother tongue.”

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    ISB Helps Students Discover Their Passions

    In addition to thriving in his native language, Ms. Tokai’s son also found a new love within the walls of ISB - music. 

    “He never really had a good environment to learn music in his previous schools and was not interested in this area at all but at ISB, he was given the chance to explore and find an instrument that he can be passionate about,” said Ms. Tokai. “This is his third year at ISB and he started a High School Pep Band Club welcoming Middle School students to play at events.”

    The music program at ISB has helped many students who speak English as a second language confidently find their voice and thrive. Click here to see how music helped ISB alumni Hyuga Tsukamoto thrive in the English-speaking environment through the “Power of Singing”

    At ISB, we focus on more than just academics. Click here to learn more about how our curriculum will help your child thrive.  

    Learn how Japanese families can maintain their cultural roots and easily transfer to ISB here.

    As an expat child herself, Ms. Tokai is well versed in the importance of having solid roots to one’s cultural identity while also maintaining an open mind in an international environment. 

    “ISB has the environment and the tools to help their students nourish their roots and minds,” said Ms. Tokai. “We believe we made the right choice as a family.”  

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