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    ISB Student Spotlight: Looking to our Alumni

    How better to see the impact that an ISB education has on students than to look to our alumni? Over the past weeks, we have spoken with our students, heard their aspirations and dreams for when they leave ISB, and learned how they feel ISB supports them in achieving this.

    Patty Treevichapan, an ISB graduate in 2015, explained that ISB and its community shaped her.

    Patty told us how ISB created not only a great platform for academic learning but a place she could learn about the importance of balance, dedication, focus, and the importance of great mentors and teachers to help her along her path. Mr. Callahan, she mentioned as one of her favorite teachers, helped her with learning curves on the green as her golf coach and on campus as her college counselor.

    Patty started playing golf with her dad in Elementary school; it was one of her favorite sports and a great way to spend time with her father. She mentioned that ISB gave her the opportunity to play golf, something she loved, and provided a way for her to truly explore what she was passionate about.

    Fairway to Success

    Patty spent four seasons on the golf team at NYU, winning the prestigious NYU Women’s Golf Junior Scholar Athlete of the Year Award as a junior in 2018. Since being back in Thailand, she has been using our new ISB Golf Center and continues to model her commitment and perseverance there.

    “This new center is just the ideal place to practice for golfers of all levels . . . It is the ideal center to help you improve all aspects of the game,” Patty shared on the ISB Golf Center. “When I was in Elementary and Middle School, I wanted this center to practice close to school.” She also shared about her experience going from ISB to then becoming a college athlete.

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    Success in golf, which is said to be one of the most mentally challenging of major world sports, comes through adaptability, commitment, and balance. These are some of ISB’s values and attributes, which are transferable to many aspects of life and career.

    Supporting A Diverse Range of Interests

    Patty is one of the many accomplished athletes to have their start at ISB. While many pursued their passion for sports, others followed their path into the arts, sciences, politics, humanitarianism, and more.

    Supporting students' diverse range of interests and passions and helping them achieve their academic and personal potential while maintaining balance is a key part of ISB’s mission.

    It is achieved by our ongoing effort to ensure that ISB is a place where the entire community feels they belong.
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